Welcome to Hologic Hitec-Imaging GmbH

Hologic Hitec-Imaging GmbH is a mid-sized company in the metal and electrical engineering industry and a member of the Hologic group of companies. We currently employ around 40 skilled workers, engineers and specialists and 17 trainees.

We combine decades of experience and expertise in mechanics, electrical engineering, hardware and software development with cutting-edge tools and machinery. Together we create highly innovative custom solutions in automation technology & plant construction, maintenance and service for operating equipment, and stamping technology.

Our multi-faceted profile is rounded off by our comprehensive know-how in the field of photoconductor technology. We are proud to be the world's leading developer and manufacturer of selenium-coated photoconductor drums for large-format printers and high-output production printing machines.

Our very high standards are certified to DIN 9001:2015 & DIN 50001:2011.